Web & Mobile Development

We design and develop responsive Search Engine friendly websites that help you to achieve the goals of your business.

Web Application:

  • Accessibility — Web apps provide access to users on a wide range of devices, regardless of operating system, through the browser.
  • Ease of Updates — Developers make changes to a common code base, so updates are simple. And developers can push updates to a server quickly for instant visibility across all devices.
  • Better Discovery on Search Engines — Web apps are displayed in search results (think: Google), so anyone can find them.
  • Cost-Effective Development — It’s less costly to develop web apps than mobile apps due to the smaller amount of development time required. This is largely due to only needing to build one version of a web app to serve all operating systems.
  • Traffic from Website — Visitors to your website can be automatically sent to your web app on mobile devices, with no need to download anything.
  • Faster Speed to Market — Web apps don’t need to be approved by app stores and marketplaces, so it is faster to get them to market.

Mobile Application:

  • Speed and Performance — Mobile apps work with a phone’s built-in features, like location services, microphone, and camera, so apps built for the mobile device usually work faster. (However, there are exceptions, depending on the specific functionality of the app.)
  • Ability to Send Push Notifications — Mobile apps allow you to send users reminders, which increases engagement.
  • Improved User Experience —Since developers create mobile apps specifically for a particular operating system, they sometimes offer a better user experience.
  • Offline Access — Many mobile apps offer offline access not dependent on WiFi once the user downloads the app. (Again, this will depend on the specific functionality of your app.)
  • Promotional Opportunities — Listing your app in the App Store or Google Play extends your reach to a broader audience