Advanced Workflows & Documents Management Systems

At smartly we offered an Enterprise Business Process Management System; it contains different user privileges to process the projects on different stats briefly as follows:

  • Starting a new project will initialize the project t in the Ready for Bidding state, in which a selected companies in that project field get invited and the provided offers processed.
  • After the Bidding submission complete, the project becomes in Qualification state.
  • After the bidding qualification occurs the project is transferred to the Running state, in which the tasks schedule and action plan starts.
  • By finalizing phases one after one, the financial teams process the payments, and the project status is Partially Complete.
  • After all the tasks are complete, the project becomes Complete in Warranty Period
  • After the Warranty Period ends, if it is not extended the Project Becomes Complete.

System Users, Groups, Roles and Credentials:

  • The system framework will be using standard enterprise security architecture of credentials that enables dynamic configuration of security roles and credentials per user, or per group.
  • The user could be a member of a group or more that inherits their roles and credentials.
  • We define two levels of security on the system; security on the pages data which is controlled as credentials defined, and security over the actions and activities this user/group may perform during the dynamic workflow implementation.
  • The system will support Roles Delegation, so a specific user can delegate one of his roles temporarily for a specific period he defines to another user or group of users.

System Technical Specification

  • Dynamic enhanced workflow, to support rich form objects dynamically within each steps, without need to code statically these steps.
  • Dynamic Form Builder, with drag and drop easy interface, customize any form and any related date or logic related simply.
  • Multi-tenant, allowing creating of different updated workflow scenarios for projects, keeping the projects used older versions of the workflow running on operating with its saved data without issue.

Security System

  • Smartly has a professional innovative branch specialized in the security certified team that ensure the security of our developed applications since the system architecture planning till the delivery and support period.
  • We have professional history of security cooperation with mobile network operators and banks.
  • We guarantee web site development following security development life cycle, and securing the code based on the most modern standards and best practices for security.
  • Implementing MVC Technology to achieve better architecture security.
  • We could limit the access to the Web through 2 Factor Authentication Mobile App using the DUO Security on mobile or with special security tokens.
  • Complex password enforcement.
  • Application could be locked and limited to a specific IP range of a secure VPN of PIP.
  • SSL Securing the connection to the web application by HTTPS

Benefits of workflow management systems

  • Shorten process queuing and completion time
  • Enhance decision making processes
  • Reduce the number of process stakeholders
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Improve internal communication channels
  • Increase tasks visibility and audit trail
  • Promote paperless and green practices